Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers have high expectations this season and for good reason. There are three bonafide superstars on this team and if they can't win with this roster, then the offseason will have been for nothing. Throughout the preseason, the Lakers have struggled mightily although, on Friday night, they looked to change that as both Westbrook and LeBron were in the lineup for the team.

The Lakers got to play the Golden State Warriors, and in the end, it was the Warriors who came out victorious. Westbrook was downright awful in the first quarter, giving up six turnovers in just nine minutes. 

Russell Westbrook

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

By the end of the game, Westbrook finished with just two points, whole nabbing four assists, and seven rebounds. It was a bad night all around and it is clear that his chemistry with LeBron isn't where it needs to be right now. Of course, this is going to be a process, but last night's game was truly as bad as it can get.

Westbrook was immediately roasted throughout social media as fans lamented just how nervous he looked. Skip Bayless even weighed in, and as you can imagine, he put his hater cap on for this one.

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