If you haven’t been living a rock these past 24 hours and follow the NBA, then you probably heard the shocking news yesterday that Mr. Triple Double-himself, Russell Westbrook, will not be starting for the West squad. While his name has been at the forefront of several debates since the news, we have yet to hear from the Thunder point guard himself, until now that is.

On Friday, Russ opened about being snubbed from the starters, and apparently he doesn’t care at all. When asked by reporters, Russ said: “It is what it is. That’s the nature of the business, the game. I just play. I don’t play for All-Star bids. I play to win championships and every night I compete at a high level, and it’ll work out. I just continue doing what I’m doing and play the game the right way and everything else will work out.”

So it turns out the players and media voted Westbrook No. 1, but the fan vote pushed him all the way to No. 3 and he lost the tie-breaker to Steph Curry.

Check out Russell’s comments below.