While performing down at SXSW in Austin, Texas on Monday, Killer Mike and El-P had a stupid, unidentified man run up on stage and try attacking them, but Killer Mike wasn’t having any of it (like the OG he is).

The incident was only a minor hiccup in the show though as the duo's crew got the man out of the area, and they continued on with the show. But according to certain crowd-goer, El-P was quoted saying afterwards "We have no idea what that was," while Killer Mike added, “That was a fuckboy.”

Thanks to a few IG users who were in attandance, we can now see what went down. The first clip shows the initial encounter on stage, while the second one shows the man trying to go after the audience before security handles him.

Peep the clips and tweets below.


[UPDATE: Killer Mike Suffers Injury]

As a result of the attack on-stage, Killer Mike suffered an injury, according to NME.

The duo returned to the scene of the crime, Stubbs BBQ in Austin, Texas, and when set to perform "Banana Clippers" again (which was the song that they were playing during the incident), El-P warned the crowd, "Last time we did this song, it was interrupted. Let's not let that happen again." Killer Mike added: "If you interrupt this song we'll beat the fuck out of you."

Mike went on to reveal that after flying home to see his doctor, he was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. "I was like, 'doctor, I'm not leaving the road - the tour goes on!'"