Creed II star Michael B. Jordan was recently approached by TMZ and asked if there are any real boxers that he thinks he'd be able to hang with in the ring. His response: "Roy Jones bro."

The 31-year old actor made sure to mention that he couldn't handle the retired fighter in his prime, but now that Jones Jr. is 49 he thinks he could take him. "Roy Jones, that's my dude, bro ... I feel like I could do my thing a little bit. I could hold my thing, right now, but in his prime, nah.”

Naturally, TMZ has since caught up with Jones Jr. to get his take on the matter, and he seems more than willing to make it happen for real.

"First thing is, you know I never ducked a fight in my life, I don't duck nothing," Roy Jones Jr. tells TMZ. "If Michael B. wants this real, contact Roy Jones Jr. and we will make it happen," he added, stressing that Jordan knows where to find him if he's for real about the whole thing. "I know he can't beat me still. I know he's probably in better condition because he's younger.... But I'm an old school vet."

When asked how much time he'd realistically need to train for a fight against Jordan, Jones Jr. tells TMZ, "[I'd] probably need, for him, about four or five weeks."

In 75 career fights, Jones Jr boasts a 66-9 record, including 47 KOs. He most recently fought in February of this year, when he defeated Scott Sigmon via unanimous decision.