Every time you're part of a big crowd, you run the risk of something crazy happening. That was the case at the Roddy Ricch concert in London. With Roddy being one of the most talented newcomers in the game, he's been attracting larger crowds to his shows. During a recent performance in London, the concert venue needed to be evacuated after three people were reportedly victims of a stabbing. 

According to The Mirror, police rushed over to the Electric Brixton venue at around 10:30 pm last night after three men were knifed in a fight. The report notes that an altercation broke out while Roddy Ricch was performing, ending with one man seemingly in life-threatening condition and two others suffering minor injuries. 

A police representative told the media that no arrests have been made yet. "The venue was evacuated and there have been no other reports of injuries," confirmed the London police. All three victims were taken to the hospital but the Mirror states that they have all since been discharged, including the man that was said to be fighting for his life. 

Roddy Ricch has commented on the incident, writing the following statement: "I send my prayers to the people who were involved in any difficult situation last night. I appreciate all the love and I want everyone to experience my music and I want to be able to touch my fans. After a successful performance, an unfortunate event occurred in the area of the venue that I had ZERO involvement in. I send prayers to London and hope to spread peace throughout."