With five Super Bowl wins and his ninth appearance in the big game on the horizon, it's hard to deny that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the GOAT. He and the Patriots are the favorites heading into Sunday and Brady is saying that no matter what, he intends to play next season, all the way until he's 45.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke about Brady while in Atlanta for the Super Bowl and said he'd love to bring Brady back.

"Think about it: The last three years we've been privileged to go to the Super Bowl with a quarterback in place. I would be quite surprised if he didn't continue for quite a while as our quarterback," Kraft explained according to ESPN.

When Brady was asked about how he felt about playing until 45, he credited Kraft for sticking by him and supporting him all the way.

"The reality is I don't think many people thought I'd be playing like this even though I had a great belief I would," Brady said. "I think RKK [Kraft] has always supported me in my beliefs and thoughts. That's why we have a great relationship."

Brady currently holds the record for most Super Bowl wins amongst quarterbacks.