Chris Brown and Rita Ora are old buds, dating back to their 2015 collaboration "Body On Me." The video conception called for Brown and Ora to engage in various simulated sexual poses that may very well have materialized offscreen. But before we go there, let's zero in on their most recent exchange via social media where Breezy adopted UK slang to draw her attention. Metro UK reports that Chris Brown commented "PENGGAL" below the captioned photo. For those unfamiliar with UK dialect, peng is a term commonly used over yonder to denote "good-looks" or "attractiveness."

Understandably, Rita Ora's bikini-clad photo successfully trapped Chris Brown into hyperfocus. Yet his virtual hickey did nothing to prevent Instagram from experiencing a period of "hormonal overstimulation." On the topic of their steamy video rendering of "Body On Me," Rita Ora contends the pair were simply acting out their roles according to script.

"Chris is so fun to work with and being friends with someone and working with them," said Ora. "It kinda takes the pressure off, so it made it much easier actually and we were doing our job, we were doing a role, and we just created this concept and we acted out our roles."