The day has come. As of January 17, Vine will be shutting down and transitioning into Vine camera. The social media platform, which was built off the simple concept of 7-second video loops, produced some incredible creativity since its birth in 2013, and many of those moments incorporated hip-hop music, whether it be remixes, original raps, or original content from artists within the genre. Chances are, if you're a rap fan, you've had a few laughs via Vine, and with one last day to celebrate everything the platform has given us, we're looking back at some classic rap-related Vines. From Action Bronson and ScHoolboy Q's mock beef, to the Young Metro memes, to the immortal "Why You Always Lyin" song, it's hard not to feel some sort of loss while watching these clips. Taker a look at the videos below, and let us know what your favorite Vine hip-hop moment is below.