Rihanna made her major film debut in Peter Berg's 2012 action thriller "Battleship." RiRi apparently made quite the impression on Berg, as she'll be the subject of his upcoming documentary entitled "Rihanna."

"Rihanna" is inspired by the 1967 Bob Dylan rock documentary "Don't Look Back" and produced by Berg's production company Film 45, which released the following statement:

"Follow this true international superstar as she navigates life as an artist, businesswoman, and humanitarian, while contending with the inherent pressure of artistic freedom. Peter Berg’s "Rihanna" is an unfiltered look into Rihanna's life and how she's ascended to become a global icon, providing a glimpse into the evolution of one of the world’s most well-known pop artists."

Beyonce's self-produced autobiographical documentary "Life Is But A Dream" received mixed reviews. How do you think a Rihanna documentary will compare? we'll keep you posted with new developments as they arise.