After becoming the first non-classical, non-jazz act to win the Pulitzer for music, Kendrick Lamar has been celebrated by his fans and peers all week. On Saturday, Kendrick is still getting some big congrats, with the one-and-only Rihanna sharing a message for her "LOYALTY." collaborator on Instagram.

"congrats to my boy KungFuKenny on making history and winning such a prestigious award like a Pulitzer!" she wrote. "Keep showing the kids that anything is possible man."

The message was shared alongside a cartoon of the two artists, with Kenny taking a Kung-Fu pose while Rih sparks a blunt.

As mentioned earlier, Rihanna and Kendrick previously collaborated on "LOYALTY.," the second, Grammy-winning single from his Pulitzer prize-awarded DAMN. If this were an Album Of The Year Grammy, Rihanna would be sharing the honor, but unfortunately, that's not how the Pulitzers work. Kendrick's historic win does bode well for the future of the prize, giving hope that the award will continue to go to more contemporary genres like rap and R&B. 

Rihanna has recently been teasing what has been speculated to be an upcoming project through her Instagram. The singer released her critically-acclaimed, multi-platinum-selling eighth studio album ANTI in 2016. Here's hoping that we get another collaboration from Rihanna and Kenny on whatever comes next.