Rihanna has captivated the hearts of the masses; she may very well be one of the most pined-after women in hip-hop. Perhaps music in general. Suffice it to say, her mystique is legendary. Now, it seems like she's using it to her advantage. She recently began posting mysterious imagery on her IG page, which led to fans speculating that an album was forthcoming. However, the speculation was met with skepticism, with alternate theories. Perhaps the impending product was not an album, but rather a trailer for her upcoming lingerie line. Either way, Rihanna is opting to place this one close to her chest.

Today, she has come through with a new clip, which once again feels like it could be an album teaser. Granted, it could also be for her lingerie, but if that's the case, it's a bit of a missed opportunity. What really piques our interest is the "X" factor, which is a recurring motif throughout the surreal loop. While the initial thought process feels like a tenth album, the fact remains that Rihanna's Anti follow-up would actually be her ninth.  In that regard, I'm stumped. 

Either way, RiRi is up to something. Be it music or otherwise, it wouldn't be surprising to see her drop something in the near future. Check out the clip below, but let it be known - if you came seeking a lingerie-clad Rihanna, you'll be sorely disappointed.