We haven't heard a whole lot from RiFF RaFF over the past few years, but today, he provided a bit of context as to why that may be. The rapper took to Instagram earlier today to reveal that an escorting agency for high-end clients has been blackmailing him for the past four years.

"I gotta make a statement to my friends, family and all my loved ones that I've been keeping a secret for the past four years," He said. "I've been extorted and blackmailed and demanded [that] I give a million dollars cash to an escorting agency and to a fake ass lawyer who's been running scams, working contingencies upon athletes and high-end celebrities trying to get money and I'm here to tell you right now, Jack, you ain't gettin' a million off of me. I am not paying a single cent and I am not cowering into a corner and falling into your scams. I refuse."

RiFF RaFF explained in the caption that he needed to make the video in the case that anything were to happen to him. He also said that he wants someone to take care of his three huskies.

He also suggested that the extortion scam has played a role as to why he hasn't been as musically active in recent times.

"I refuse to back down from your scams," he said. "You are not going to hinder my creativity ever again and we will be counter-suing. We're taking every precaution, hiring private detectives and we've seen that you've done this before. And you will not do it to me."

Peep the clip below.