Every month, designer headphone brand Skullcandy is featuring a new artist or athlete for their "12 Moods" campaign. Each person featured will also highlight an exclusive, colorful product drop throughout 2019. They're kicking off their first month with "Bold," and there are few artists who could match up with that style other than Rico Nasty, real name Maria Kelly. Her stage name was given to her by a school bully. “I’ve been Rico since 10th grade,” she previously told Fader. “And a lot of shit comes with being Rico. Her life is a lot different than Maria’s. Maria was afraid of everything. Like, afraid of the dumbest shit. Like roller coasters.”

The rapper hit up Skullcandy's studio and gave a live, tangerine saturated performance of her track "Guap (La La)." On the company's website, they highlighted Rico Nasty in all things orange and recalled a recent conversation they had with the rapper. “I’m trying this new thing where, like, even if I look ugly, I’m still gonna post a story for y'all," Rico Nasty said. "Cause I feel beautiful and I don’t care what y'all think.” She says she wants fans to see her as “someone who doesn’t give a fuck, but still is nice.” 

There are plenty of features to come as the months roll on, including "Empowered," "Elevated," and Fresh.