Since it's seemingly impossible for two female rappers to win at the same time, it looks like the latest beef has kicked off between Rico Nasty and Coi Leray.

Coi Leray seemed offended by Rico Nasty on Twitter, coming for her and telling her to keep the same energy she's got when they meet in person. The statement kicked off a war of words between both rappers with accusations flying around about one being better than the other.

"@Rico_nastyy when you see me Just make sure you keep that same energy... I showed you love but you just can’t deal with that fact that I MAKE BETTER MUSIC THAN YOU , I LOOK BETTER THAN YOU, I DRESS BETTER THAN YOU , and never in my life have I JOCKED your style," wrote Coi Leray.

"I haven’t laughed this hard since idk when . I could hear ur lisp through this . Shut up dick eater," replied Rico Nasty, clapping back before Coi deleted her tweets.

The feud went on for an hour, with accusations flying over a make-up artist that became friends with Coi after falling out with Rico.

"Make better music .. lemme see ya streams and YouTube views . Have u went gold or platinum THEEFUCK U ARE FAMOUS BC YOU SUCK A MEAN DICK WITH THEM BIG ASS TEETH . Don’t come over here making this shit about me . I was minding my business . Tryna get shit RITE with MY FRIEND," hit back Rico before Coi slammed her.

"Only been signed for a year and a half and I’ve been on every festival stage you been on with no album out. YOUR FRIEND ... just as much as you know I know too baby it’s all love," said Leray.

Clearly these two just do not like each other. Keep an eye on both of their socials for the latest.