Today, Rick Ross has been announced as the first performer of Canalside's 2020 summer concert season, performing in Buffalo on July 18th 2020. Tickets for the Eventbrite-hosted event can be purchased here, including a swanky VIP option for those looking to treat themselves in an appropriately boss-like fashion. Those who cop the high-end will be gifted access to a VIP Pavillion, a few free drinks, and most importantly, a private bathroom. Several alternative ticket bundling options are available for purchase, and the $40 general admission option will be made available at a later date. 

Rick Ross Canalside Concert

It's unclear whether his Canalside show will spark a rollout of sorts for The Boss, though it should be noted he's still running off the momentum of last year's Port Of Miami 2. It's highly unlikely that Ross decides to come through with another new album, though given how prolific artists are these days, you never know. Either way, he's set to bless the longstanding Buffalo-based Canalside concert series with his presence, kicking off a run that's sure to include some fellow heavy hitters.

Should you be interested in seeing Rick Ross this summer, be sure to buy your tickets now while you still can. For those who have seen Renzel perform before, sound off in the comments with your take on his live game. Worth the VIP package price?