Insofar as "hip-hop royalty," Jay-Z and Beyonce stand atop the upper echelon of power couples. Not only have the pair amassed excellent discographies, loyal fanbases, and absolute fortunes, but they recently formed together to lay down a collaborative album as The Carters. While the thought of hitting the studio with your significant other may prove troubling to some, rest assured that Jay and Beyonce have managed to perfect the formula. As a result, the iconic duo have assembled quite the collection of hits throughout the years, including tracks like "03 Bonnie & Clyde," "Crazy In Love," and the grown-ass inebriated tryst, "Drunk In Love."

With such an impressive catalog, it's hard to pinpoint the definitive best. In an effort to do exactly that, Billboard spoke to a variety of rappers, producers, and singers, inquiring what they deem to be the essential offering from Hov & Bey. Russ seemed to enjoy the vibe "Drunk In Love," stating "I think it was just a dope energy. It felt like they were really super married to me. It just felt really raw."

Mike WiLL Made-It offers a different perspective, revealing the two songs that still give him goosebumps. "Crazy in Love" is the first song that comes to my head. I still like "Lift Off" with Beyoncé on Watch the Throne," he says. "That right there gave me instant goosebumps. I feel like when they come together every time it's just ill. They always make ill music. That whole thing is black excellence. They're always uplifting each other."

Rick Ross is on team "Nice," off Everything Is Love. "Usually, when I cut on Everything Is Love, I just like to let it vibe. I just sit back and let it play," he says. "On Father's Day, I just sat back with the family and we just let it play. The album is most definitely is dope. You know I love everything that Jay does."

For additional thoughts from Vic Mensa, DJ Khaled, Teyana Taylor, be sure to peep the entire feature over at Billboard.