Although Rick Ross has delayed Mastermind, and we've yet to receive a new release date, Rozay is still keeping us in the loop with the album process through his Twitter.

It sounds as though Mastermind may be nearing completion, if not already, as late last night the MMG bawse revealed he was "Sitting at the SSL board #Mastermind on repeat," before revealing that the album is getting mixed by none other than music mogul Diddy.

Is this a good sign?

[UPDATE: Diddy Is Executive Producing "Mastermind" Too]

In January the Bawse with the biggest bezel told us that Diddy would be mixing his new album, Mastermind. Today, the two have revealed that Diddy's involvement in the album is more than as a mixer. He's the executive producer.

In brief Revolt TV video posted today, Diddy makes the announcement.

"Now we can let the cat out the bag," Diddy tells the fans. "In the final two weeks, I was brought in as part of the team with DJ Khaled, Gucci Pucci, Ricky Rozay, to co-executive produce this Mastermind album. It's a privilege. We didn't wanna make the announcement until it was ready, and now it's ready."

Ross added, "This is the biggest event of the year, March 4th. All the masterminds came together, man." 

Watch the clip below. Check out photos of Diddy and Rozay (and others) working on Mastermind in the studio here.