Over the weekend, the hip-hop community collectively prayed for Rick Ross and he appears to be well now, after a four-day stay at the hospital. It was previously reported that the rap mogul was in the hospital for pneumonia on Friday, before his condition worsened and he was allegedly put on life support. Although Fat Trel denied that Ross was on any type of life support, the rapper's condition has since been updated with further news on his health status.

The good news is that Rick Ross has returned home and is currently receiving care at his residence. However, his medical status was reportedly as bad as it was feared on Friday. TMZ is reporting that the rapper was hospitalized at two different facilities and was moved due to his worsening condition. The rapper was having difficulty breathing and, apparently, his condition stems directly from his heart. Ross was quickly put on ECMO, a form of life support that assists in heart and lung functions, where he was eventually stabilized. 

Rozay returned to Instagram earlier, sharing a photo of his jewelry, but Ross was likely still in the hospital at the time of the post as TMZ reports that the rapper left the facility in the early hours of Monday. As he receives care at his home, we continue to wish Ross the best of luck in his recovery. With his history of health complications, we are crossing our fingers that the Miami legend gets well soon. Read more here.