After a huge improvement in his health the past couple years, Rick Ross may have been hospitalized for a serious condition. The Miami rapper was at home when someone called 911 reporting an ill individual. The call was placed at 3:30 AM on Thursday morning, when someone found Ross "breathing heavy and unresponsive." It was also reported that he was "slobbing out the mouth."

When help arrived, the troubled individual was said to become aggressive once awake. They were then rushed to the hospital to receive a respiratory treatment TMZ reports. The suspected ailment is pneumonia.

While there has been no official confirmation, there are small details that have been pointing to the patient being Rick Ross. He was supposed to make an appearance the night of the incident, but didn't show up. A representative told someone that Rick was in the hospital instead. One of Ross' famly members denied this. A person at the patient's home also stated that the sick individual had a history of seizures. The rapper previously had seizures while on flights in 2011. Ross has since changed his diet, lost 100 lbs, and has famously championed pears. We're wishing Rick a speedy recovery.

[via TMZ]