Earlier today, Tia Kemp, the mother of Rick Ross' child, hit her Instagram story to air out Ross. Apparently, Rozay hasn't spoke to their son in six months and Kemp was seeking answers to why he "disowned" their son. She went to the extent of dragging Ross' deceased manager into the scenario. "You would think after finding ya best friend Black dead n ya crib last month would make u wanna cleanse ya heart. But the ppl around u won’t tell u wats right So I will.. U riding with the Devil. She wrote. Word must've gotten back to Rick Ross as he decided to air her out on social media. 

Rick Ross hit social media today to respond to Tia Kemp's claim in a series of videos. The MMG boss went in on a passive aggressive response and claimed that Kemp feels some type of way because the mother of his daughter allegedly mopped her up and tells her to "take the ass whoopin like a champ." He continues to patronize her by saying her eldest sons have the biggest MMG tattoos on their chest. However, he pushes it a bit further by claiming that she's using their son as a way to feed her 10 siblings. He pushes things a bit further by claiming that he's had sex with her sister before they were dating.

Ross later suggests that she "get over it" and that she should seek professional help. However, what's a Rick Ross rant without plugging his food chain, Checkers. The rapper told Kemp that she should pay a visit to one of his chains and get a chili dog with extra cheese. 

Peep the whole exchange below.