Last month, we were pretty shocked to hear Rich Homie Quan allude to raping a woman on the recently-leaked song "I Made It" (all traces of which seem to have been wiped from the internet). A feeble apology followed, and while on the Breakfast Club, Quan responded to questions about the song even more troublingly: "If you listen, it’s just good music." Now, another song has surfaced that has him threatening to rape women, even more disturbingly than the first time.

On the leaked "Day 1," Quan is mostly tooting his own horn for getting money, but also reveals plans for sexual assault: "Mansion full of bitches, 'bout to rape one." Really Quan? All that money and you can't find someone who'll consent to have sex with you?

If you wish, you can hear "Day 1" here. Let's hope Quan finally gets the message on this one and makes a true, honest effort to apologize for his lyrics, however long ago he recorded them.