After months of anticipation, Chief Keef finally released Bang Pt. 2 on his 18th birthday, August 15th. Bang Pt. 2 is Sosa’s first project following the release of his major-label debut album Finally Rich, and much has happened since that time. The GBE rapper spent 60 days in a juvenile detention center for violating a gun probation, and also signed with Gucci Mane to become the newest member of Brick Squad. To build hype for Bang Pt. 2, Keef released a slew of quality songs such as “Jet Li” and “Now It’s Over” during the Spring months. Unfortunately, neither of these tracks appear on the project. Even more disappointing is the fact that there is no production from Young Chop featured on the tape. Young Chop has been a major contributor to Keef’s success, as he’s produced smash hits like “Love Sosa”, “Don’t Like”, and “Hate Being Sober”. Without Chop on the boards, Chief Keef is undoubtedly less effective. Bang Pt. 2 was a mistake waiting to happen.

The majority of songs on Bang Pt. 2 are sloppy and overloaded with auto-tune. Tracks like “Bank Closed” and “No It Don’t” exemplify these traits perfectly. Although most of the songs are almost not worth listening to, there are a couple solid anthems on the tape. Previously released “Ain’t Done Turnin Up” and the 808 Mafia-produced “Hard Way” are both songs worth adding to your playlists.

Comedian Michael Blackson appears on three skits throughout the mixtape, all of which are very funny. He jokes about Chief Keef’s future as the youngest grandfather in the world, and pokes fun at Rick Ross and his weight issue. These skits certainly added some animation to the mixtape.

Across the board, Bang Pt. 2 was a struggle. The lyrics were lazy, the mixing was poor, and the beats simply weren’t up to standard. Aside from a couple tracks, this mixtape belongs in the recycle bin. Sosa’s next project titled Almighty So is scheduled to drop on October 31st, hopefully more effort is put into that. As for now, it seems that joining forces with Gucci Mane has only worsened his musical capability. At 18 years of age, Keef definitely still has the potential to become a superstar, but the hunger just isn’t there like it was a year ago. If Almighty So isn’t a successful project, the end might be near for Chief Keef.

What do you think? Download/ listen to Bang Pt. 2 below.