According to new research, Christmas heightens the libidinal urges of people worldwide. The Verge writes how "scientists confirmed that interest in sex does peak during major cultural celebrations and they correlate with an increase in births nine months later." This information was compiled from web site searches between 2004-2010, as well as Twitter posts from 2010-2014.

The Verge also notes that this surge in sexual activity was "consistent for Christmas in countries that were majority Christian, and about the end of Ramadan for countries that are majority Muslim. (Thanksgiving and Easter, however, did not create the same spikes in interest.)"

Researchers have concluded that this may be a cultural trend, and not signalled by a change in daylight or biological shifts of the sort. While this report may seem aimless, it can help predict when to launch safe-sex campaigns in developing countries to aid in pregnancy and STI prevention. 

Hollywood has seemingly gone baby-crazy in recent months, where a whole slew of celebrities have confirmed their pregnancy, or have been rumoured to be expecting. The most notable of these cases is Kylie Jenner, whose recent absence in the family holiday card has the gossip-mill running in overdrive as to whether she is indeed pregnant with Travis $cott's child. Khloe Kardashian only recently admitted to her maternal status when posting to Instagram to reveal her exciting baby news.