Today we're introducing a new weekly series, Remix Fix, which will aim to bring you dope, fresh remixes of some of your favorite hip-hop and r'n'b records, for a little something different each week. We'll aim to bring you relatively new and undiscovered producers and remix artists to give your music collection a wider scope. We kick things off with Kygo.

The Weeknd recently had fans on pins and needles for new sounds, and finally, in late July, he dropped the oh-so-Weeknd track, "Often”. It’s got hooks that reel and bomb lyrics, per-usual Weeknd. Recently, my BFF played me a new version of “Often," by newish producer Kygo, who was recently signed by Ultra. 

Kygo is a Norwegian musician and fuggin' boss remixer who really struck gold chains when Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, hit him up asking for a remix of their song "Midnight". Kygo rehashed the shit out of the Coldplay joint and you should most certainly give it a listen. His remix of "Often" is sped up and laced with smooth synth sounds which give it more of a party vibe compared to the darker original. We invite you now to give your ears a little “Ooh yeah” with this hot remix of “Often” that we love so much for it’s trappy beat, the aforementioned smooth synths, and side-chained transitions. Then show it to your bestie because that's what BFFs are for. 

For more from Kygo, we recommend perusing his Soundcloud page.