Kanye West's new album, So Help Me God SWISH, has existed in some form or another for quite some time. Theophilus London claims to have heard it in September 2014, and three months later, Seth Rogen says Mr. West let him hear it. It's been several months since someone's come out of the woodwork saying they've heard the album, and so right on cue, here comes another. A Reddit user named "dxnxixlrxsxnxbxrx" posted a long audio clip on the site, claiming that he recorded it outside of a building where Kanye was holding a listening party for the album.

The sound quality is apparently terrible, and Reddit has taken down the audio link, but you can still view the tracklist that the user typed up on his phone while listening (in the gallery above). it includes alleged guest spots from Paul McCartney, Big Sean and Bruno Mars.

View the original Reddit thread here, and stay tuned for updates.