Ray J and Princess Love's marriage has been on the rocks ever since the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas where Princess accused her husband of leaving her stranded with their daughter while she's eight and half months pregnant. The accusations against Ray J didn't end there since Princess also accused her partner of partying with escorts. The "I Hit It First" singer tried to deny such wrongdoing but during his recent visit to The Wendy Wiliams Show, he admitted that he messed up and apologized. 

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

"I love you Princess and look, it didn't happen like that. I would never leave my baby and my daughter like that - I would die first before I leave them on the side of the [road]," he explained to Wendy. Ray J said the fight was sparked when he tried to convince Princess to live in Vegas over Los Angeles, but things have changed since he made it clear that his former plan is scrapped. "I'm done with Vegas I hate Vegas never again."

Elsewhere in the interview, Wendy questioned Ray J on his acquisition of Death Row Records from Suge Knight but before he could speak on anything he shared a message that Suge had for Wendy. "He told me to tell Wendy to ask no questions about Death Row because she never treated me right," Ray said before Wendy deaded his speech. 

"It's not my fault you ran over a man backed up and ran over him again," Wendy responded. Watch in full below.