Ray J made his plea yesterday as to why Princess Love should essentially forgive him. He denied claims that he stranded them, claiming that he's still at the same spot in Las Vegas that they were at before. Reports surfaced claiming that the two had a bit of a blowout. Before things escalated further, Ray J reportedly left their hotel room and got another one so Princess Love could cool down.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Princess Love's latest claims seem to conflict earlier reports that Ray J was trying to cool the situation down. After claiming that they're getting a divorce once she gets to L.A., she took to Instagram to elaborate further on the situation with claims that Ray J was being unfaithful. "A man will have a whole wife, kid, and baby on the way and start an argument with you.. just to go to his other hotel room to party with escorts and strippers," she wrote. "What's in the dark always comes to light."

Ray J posted a video yesterday explaining his side of the story. He attempted to defuse the situation by blaming the media and social media for taking the story and blowing it into some bigger than it actually is. He did apologize to an extent but he did insist on working through the drama before the birth of their second child.