While occasionally being overlooked as one of the more impressive modern lyricists, Rapsody has been enjoying the fruits of her labor. Coming off the strength of her Grammy Nominated Laila's Wisdom, which featured a heavy dose of 9th Wonder production, Rapsody has solidified her place alongside the genre's most celebrated pens. Clearly, the acclaim has been but one of many wins for the North Carolina emcee. Yesterday, Rap has taken to Instagram to share a photo alongside one of her "muses," Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant.

"Y’all know how I feel about the [GOAT emoji]" writes Rapsody, all smiles beside Kobe Bryant. A big proclamation, given the heated nature of the discourse on basketball's defining star. Absolutely dwarfed in stature by Mamba's six-six frame, Rap endearingly smiles, visibly star-struck in a more relatable way than we might be used to seeing from a rap star. Shout out to the spontaneous duo, who have both come to deliver excellence in their respective fields.