Many hip-hop artists have rapped about life experiences like starting from the bottom, the struggle and the drug game. The come-up story has always been a selling point for many artists through the years. Some of your favorites like Lil Wayne, B.I.G., Jay Z, Nas, 50 Cent, and more have experienced this and have shared it through their music. However, there is a new trend popping up in hip-hop culture of young, incredibly wealthy artists aiming to be the next big rapper.

For many of these young artists, like Diggy Simmons and Jaden Smith, the struggle of the streets was never a reality. As "celebukids" or rich kids, hip-hop is simply a way to express themselves in an art form or follow their fathers' or family's legacy.

Check out these 10 rappers who were born rich, and find out where all that family money came from.