If you haven't heard, Lifetime is producing a sequel to Surviving R. Kelly exploring the aftermath of the first docuseries. It's not too shocking considering the success of Surviving R. Kelly earlier this year and how it helped allegations from the 90s turn into actual charges against him. Some might be happy about this because it's putting a bigger spotlight on Kelly's crimes but one person isn't particularly happy about their inclusion in the trailer. Drea Kelly, the singer's ex-wife, previously stated that she's unhappy with Lifetime featuring her in the trailer but it appears that the network might face legal action over it.

Drea aired out her frustrations with Lifetime in an interview with TMZ recently. She explained that she made it clear to them that she, nor her children, gave Lifetime permission to get them involved in the docuseries. That request was ignored and they allegedly reached out to her family members and her children.

"I'm not happy with the aftercare and how the victims and survivors were handled throughout this entire process," she said. "They have a lawsuit coming their way because I told them, I vehemently -- I will not, will not be apart of, in any shape, form or fashion... I will not put my name on this documentary."

Check out the full interview with Drea Kelly below.