The recent allegations of sexual misconduct against R&B singer R. Kelly have resulted in several important members of his team resigning from their positions. 

According to the BBC, the singer's attorney of four years, Linda Mensch, and his personal assistant of ten years, Diana Copeland, have both decided that they can no longer work for Kelly following the latest allegations against him. Recently, it was reported that R. Kelly allegedly drugged, restrained, and infected a 19-year-old victim with a sexually transmitted disease. Kelly was also accused of grooming a 14-year-old girl to act as one of his "sex pets." All of this is in addition to the allegations last year that he was leading a "sex cult."

A BBC Three documentary, R Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes was reportedly the last straw that caused Mensch and Copeland to disassociate themselves from Kelly, with Copeland confirming that she no longer worked for him.

Mensch defended Kelly during his sex cult allegations, but has also confirmed that she "no longer represented Mr Kelly or his entities." Another insider source also confirmed to the BBC that other members of Kelly's staff were considering leaving as well. 

With the Dallas Police investing the claims that Kelly infected a woman with an STD, and his longtime lawyer no longer representing him, things are starting to look bad for Kelly. While he still has yet to be charged with a crime, it appears the evidence was too much for his staff to continue working for him any longer.