During a recent stint in Los Angeles, R. Kelly was willing to answer any and all questions that the paparazzi threw his way - that is, of course, as long as they steered clear of his sex cult scandal.

In a new report from TMZ, one of the outlet's videographers got up close and personal with the embattled singer, who was walking through the city surrounded by a small entourage. He was greeted by a homeless man and Kelly generously reached into his pocket and handed the guy a Benjamin without breaking stride. If the "Bump 'n' Grind" artist was trying to keep a low profile and not be seen by the likes of TMZ, you wouldn't know it. In fact, that kind of kindness is undoubtedly going to get you noticed by passerby. In any event, Kelly was pretty self-effacing, telling the cameraman that he'd have to ask the homeless man if it was in fact a C-note that he gave out.

Eventually, the discussion segued into other topics, notably Snoop Dogg's Halloween party, where Kelly found himself an invitee earlier this week. According to the singer, Snoop's bash to celebrate the holiday was "off the chain," apparently sparing no expense in making sure that his guests were privy to one of the craziest nights of the year. However, when the conversation dipped into touchier territory, the singer had one simple response: "No comment." The sex cult allegations, though vigorously denied by Kelly's legal team, continued to dog the singer, who has had tour dates cancelled as a result of the ongoing scandal. The police even hit up Kelly's estate to speak to Joycelyn Savage, a woman who has been living with him for some time now. She's essentially been telling the authorities to leave her along and that she's doing just fine, but without a definitive look behind that curtain, the saga's outcome remains uncertain.

R. Kelly also has a feature on the new Chris Brown album Heartbreak on a Full Moon, teaming with Breezy on the track "Juicy Booty." Check out the LP in its entirety here.