With all the hubbub surrounding R. Kelly, it's almost shocking to think he was able to go undetected with the light shined on his 52nd birthday. On Wednesday/Thursday morning, R. Kelly invited what is left of his closest allies to a Chicago nightclub to ring in his 52nd year on planet Earth. Things were going smoothly at V75 Chicago until the wee hours of the morning when cops showed up clutching a false warrant (for his arrest).


It turns out, someone in the club alerted the cops of his whereabouts, prompting the dispatch to call all units into action. When the cops arrived, R. Kelly bickered with them long enough for them to realize, they were on the wrong scented trail. There was no warrant made out in his name, only a gullible pitch made plausible by Kelly's longstanding rap sheet.

TMZ, who reported the incident, doesn't have much of lead on the callers' best intentions. The informant, if you will, may have been acting on their own initiative, or on a false whim - it's pretty hard to say with so little information. With the cops finally withdrawn from the club, Kellz resumed his MC duties at the head of the party.  "I don't give a f**k about what's going on," he screamed in reference to the "all the hubbub," as party-goers sang along to "Bump 'N Grind" as if nothing ever happened.