Quick5 with Casey Veggies

HNHH Staff
May 29, 2014 11:28

Casey Veggies says there's a "possibility" Drake will be featured on his upcoming single, and discusses the concept of his debut album, among other things on the latest edition of our Quick5 series.

The last Quick5 we brought you was with Wiz Khalifa while he was at the Powerhouse event in L.A. Today we've got another edition of the quick-answer series, this time with the young'n Casey Veggies.

Casey reveals where he'd want to live if he could live anywhere in the world (his answer is nothing too crazy, he says Canada!), and says whether he feels snubbed by the XXL Freshmen list (yes).

As for whether or not when we can expect Drake on his upcoming single "The Boy," Casey says, "It's a possibility...and you can expect it when everything goes right for Casey Veggies. That would be a good look for me."

He also explains the theme for his debut LP. "The concept of my debut album is like a real mental thought process of a young kid growing up, in the shoes I was in, coming up, how I was rapping and playing basketball and just like being a young kid tryna get out the hood. Really just tryna make it out and choose a different route, and that's what my album is based on. Something inspiring for the young kids."

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