It's been over three years since Migos released their last studio album, Culture II. There have been many developments in their personal and professional lives in the lead up to Culture III yet the singles that they've dropped haven't necessarily been memorable. There was "GNF" with Travis Scott that failed to stick, despite how good it looked on paper. Each member also delivered solo albums and those didn't necessarily satisfy fans, either. By the time they teased a new single called "Birkin," fans said they fell off. 

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Throughout everything, they've maintained that a new album would be arriving in the future. 2020 was a write-off due to the pandemic and any chances of performing were canceled so it wasn't shocking that we didn't see Culture III drop last year. However, it seems that they're just about ready to begin the rollout. Just a few weeks ago, Migos unveiled a trailer for their forthcoming project and following the Super Bowl, they made sure to let fans know that they were back in the studio.

Even last night, when Quavo was out to dinner with Saweetie for Valentine's Day, he found a way to squeeze a bit of work in. Paparazzi flashed pictures as fans approached Quavo while he left the restaurant, asking for autographs and an update on the release of Culture III. "It's comin' real soon. Less than a month and a half," he said as he entered his car.

Hopefully, the recent criticism from Akademiks, and other fans, influenced the Migos approach to the third installment in the Culture