In the midst of what is most likely a unanimously bad year for most people, Quavo and Saweetie's very public relationship is the kind of wholesome energy we need to keep us going.

The icy couple have been tugging on our heartstrings ever since their cover story with GQ went viral. It seems that the two are not only inseparable, but can't keep themselves from gushing over each other, much to the delight of their fans. Even the story of how they first met is a bonafide modern day hip hop fairy tale and the couple look even more smitten with every new Instagram post. 

The California sensation and her Migo boyfriend took to their respective Instagram feeds to share pictures of what appears to be a very cozy evening on board a massive yacht. It appears that even after months of quarantine and readapting to a rapidly changing world, the only thing that hasn't changed is their devoted affection for one another.

Sharing an intimate moment with her boo, Saweetie and Quavo look every bit like the hip hop royalty they are. Alone with your beloved on a beautiful boat as the sun sets over the looming Miami skyline, who wouldn't want that?