Clipse may not be currently producing records, but Pusha T has seen a resurgence of late with his G.O.O.D. Music affiliation.  Being one of the veteran rappers in the game, who are still on hit tracks now, the VA talent can offer a world of insight on both classic, and present day talent.  He recently discussed the difference between recording with Kanye and Pharrell, and weighed in on the forthcoming Aaliyah project, and the Rick Ross and Young Jeezybeef.

Pusha has had the distinction of working on classic albums in the past with Pharrell, and currently with Kanye.  Chopping it up with KC Chopz on Power 96, he was asked about how the two legendary producers work, T said that Pharrell likes to have the track completed, while ‘Ye works around the verse.  “When I get to the studio working with Pharrell the beat is basically done.  I get in there and I write to a beat,” adding Kanye is different, “But a lot of times with Kanye, he gives me a skeleton, and I write to the part of the skeleton that I like...he’ll take that verse and build a beat around that.”

KC Chopz asked for Pusha’s take on the upcoming posthumous Aaliyah album, and the Clipse rapper does not think you can truly call it an Aaliyah project, “I don’t really think youcan call it an Aaliyah project without involving Timbaland and Missy...there’s a certain sound that’s been stamped.”

He was even asked about the on-goingRick Ross and Young Jeezy beef, and Pusha thinks what makes this so intriguing is that both artists are at the top of the game, “Both of them are really relevant right now...This has been one of those feuds where one person doesn’t die-off.”

See Pusha’s interview with Power 96’s KC Chopz below.