Hypetrack interviewed Pusha T on "Fear of God II: Let Us Pray", the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music album & more. Check out some of the more interesting things he had to say below.

On "Fear of God II: Let Us Pray":

Ahhh man, I've got Ab Liva and Ross on a record. So many great names that are featured on here. People like Kanye, Jeezy, Tyler the Creator, 50, Kevin Cossom, Pharrell, Juicy J, Meek Mill and French Montana. As far as the production is concerned, I've got people like Tha Bizness, Hit-boy, The Neptunes, Nottz, Lee Major of The Inkredibles, and Bangladesh among others. I did the features because it was something I never really did with a Clipse project. We never did a lot of features. I figured with me coming out solo, the fans need to know I too have alliances and that I can pull together the greats and relevant alike and put them all on my project. I feel the fans also need to know that some of their favorites have mutual respects for one another.

On the G.O.O.D. Music collaborative album:

Ahhh man, it's crazy because, I still get excited from working with the whole G.O.O.D Music gang. People are going to hear all of the best raps they've heard all year, as well as just a collaborative and creative effort. We are really having fun with this, but everything's not finished yet. I've done four records thus far, hoping to do more. But as of now, it's still early, so i'm not sure of what's being kept to be honest. Everyone from CyHi to 'Ye to Sean to Cudi to Common and so forth, we're all just focused on bringing our "A" game to the table and really constructing a collaborative masterpiece.

On His Former Record Label, Jive:

Me and Malice's situation with Jive was a definite low point in my career. However, I think people get it a little confused and they take it a little over board. In regards to them closing….well, just because they shut down doesn't mean it's the end of it all. These label closings/mergers happen all the time and then they're appear. Looking at that particular aspect, it's really not a big deal nowadays, not to me. But these are still peoples jobs, peoples lives that are affected. It's really nothing for me to smile about. Realistically any label can succumb to such circumstances. We watch it happen all the time.

On Clipse reuiniting:

We talk about that a lot actually and how we're going to do it. There will definitely be another LP. The dynamic of our relationship hasn't changed, other than us physically being together. In fact, he hit me this morning, reminding me of how blessed I am, and how he liked my spot on "How to Make it in America". But when I'm home, we work out together at the same gym so not much has really changed. He's incredibly busy himself, promoting his book entitled Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked.

On A Collaboration with A$AP Rocky:

I talked to A$AP last week and we're supposed to put some things together. I love the "Pesos" record and what he's doing right now. I feel like when i do these freestyles, it's one of those things where you're so much of a fan of the record you want people to see that you're in the know. I'm more so paying homage to a great situation and a great song. Personally with me, its not about taking, flipping and taking over a song.


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