As reported, Pusha-T was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah where he spoke about his "colleague" Kanye West among other topics. In his past two appearances on The Daily Show candidly spoke about the potential for difficulty Kanye's MAGA stance elicited while they were in the midst of finalizing the Daytona project. But in his latest interview with Trevor Noah, Pusha-T insists that Kanye's MAGA hat-wearing days are all but over. 

When asked about his employer/fellow rapper Kanye West, Pusha told his host, "He (Kanye) doesn't anymore" on the topic of the modded MAGA red cap. "He stopped. He stopped, though," he added at the nine-minute mark of the segment.


Pusha-T offered even more insight into the situation, particularly his method for separating business, friendship, and personal politics. "Can you imagine having those conversations while he's trying to make my album?" he asked rhetorically. "He basically has my life in his palm and I have to tell him that I hate something. We always have real conversations, though. Always. I think that's why me and him connect so well and I think that's why DAYTONA came out so well. It's a give and take. If I don't like something, I say it and he tries to correct it, and so on and so forth."

Trevor Noah capped things off by suggesting that Kanye West was a "genius who is tormented by his mental health issues," giving way to a broader conversation about mental illness awareness. The above video containing the interview is available to American audiences only - check it out.