Pusha T's My Name Is My Name was certainly well-received, but in a year with plenty of great and divisive albums (Yeezus, Nothing was The Same, etc.), it was hard to make a call on a unanimous album of the year. Regardless, Push feels he accomplished the feat, at least in the realm of hip hop, and he's looking for his follow-up, King Push, to do the same.

“This next album is like a heavy proclamation to me. I told people last year I had the Album Of Year. And I felt that I did. I really feel that King Push has to live up to that same hip-hop expectation…", he explained to XXL. "My goal is always to have hip-hop Album Of The Year."

The rapper stressed that he'll always stick to pure rap, ensuring his fans that they'll receive what they're looking for. "I don’t know about everyone else, but if you want Hip Hop, you’re gonna get that from me.”

As far as when we can expect the album, Push wasn't too sure, but insisted that it won't complete until he's perfected it. “I’m sure Def Jam [knows the release date], but I’m not really going by that. I’m just going by when this music is right.”