While he just dropped his debut album just last year, Pusha T is already preparing the follow up. King Push will reunite Pusha with The Neptunes, who soundtracked Clipse's official debut album Lord Willin'.

In a new cover story for Acclaim Mag, Pusha speaks on the title of the project, his working relationship with Kanye West, and the much-discussed possibility of a Clipse reunion. (As usual, Push seems much more open-minded than his brother, No Malice).

Read some quotes from the interview below.

On King Push: "The title alone is like my proclamation to being great. Great at what it is I do, and that’s lyric-driven hip-hop.”

On labels and creative control: “Labels to me are just houses for putting out music in the corporate sense. I don’t have a big radio marketing plan. I do my own little touring, it’s not because of the label. They give me a platform to reach more people through the brand of Def Jam but other than that they don’t really get in my way creatively, they let it go.”

On going solo: "There was the comfort zone of having my brother with me on a stage or on a track. It made my job a lot easier and I recognized that once I went solo."

On working with Kanye West: “With MNIMN I went out and did everything I wanted to do and brought it [Kanye]. And from there he took that from me and made it even better.”

On the possibility of a Clipse reunion: "It's obviously something that’s spoken about on a lot of different levels, from Kanye to Pharrell to different labels to me and my brother. I would like to see it come true but I’ll just sit back and wait on it."