The family that cops Ferraris together stays together. While it's not entirely the original saying, Pusha T and his manager Steven Victor can just about make it a thing as they messed around and bought contrasting whips today. With the "surgical summer" just about finished after Teyana Taylor dropped her delayed K.T.S.E., Push is taking time to remember his recent run of success. More specifically, he's emptying out his bank account just a little, copping a flashy new Ferrari with Steven Victor. The Senior Vice President at Universal and COO of G.O.O.D. Music, Victor has more than enough cash to treat himself as the duo dropped about $300K each at the dealership.

Showing off their new salt and pepper whips, Pusha seems to have opted for the white 488 Spider while his manager bought a 488 Coupe. The two 2018 models ran them $320K and $300K respectively, with the pair choosing to get their windows tinted directly after making the purchases. According to TMZ, the cars were bought to celebrate the success of Pusha's new album Daytona, as well as his upcoming tour. The Virginia Beach rapper is already in love with his selection, proudly showing off the Rari on his Instagram.

With the two seemingly in sync, Steven Victor has helped to bring Pusha's career to new levels. Now, they get to reap the benefits together.