Rickie Jacobs

Real Name
Richard Jacobs
Alias Name
Date of Birth
Sep. 18, 1986 - Age 37
Baltimore, Maryland

Artist Bio

For those unfamiliar, Rickie Jacobs is an emerging emcee from Baltimore, Maryland. Surrounded by music from a young age, he was first influenced by his father's band as well as hip-hop pioneers Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre

Since officially stepping foot in the rap game in 2009, he's released five mixtapes and three EPs, having collaborated with the likes of Cardiak, Clay Hillman, Rosewood, Nascent, 183rd Music, Eu IV, Arctic, Oab Jenkins, Mike White, Xenia Ghali, YoG$ and more. 

The last we heard of Rickie was his single / visual "Guy Code", the first reveal from his upcoming project Remember To Smile, which is slated to drop in February 2014. Don't sleep on the young lord - he's just getting started, and is an unquestionably prolific force. (For more details, hit up 86draft.com.)