Lil Mo did not have a great time at the Essence festival yesterday. Despite possessing a VIP pass, the singer had trouble making it to the bathroom backstage, being stopped by police while Prince was making his entrance.

Mo instantly took to Instagram to rant about her experience, putting the industry on blast. Later however, she decided to take a direct shot at Prince, accusing him of not hitting his notes, using none other than a tea-drinking Kermit meme.

The Purple One could not stay silent on the matter it seems. While he has reportedly deleted all of his tweets regarding Mo, one made it through the wipe, and its a big one. Prince tweeted, "I hope she know, none of her clothes match", coupled with a twitpic of himself smirking. He later tweeted it out again, making sure to note it was a fan-made caption, but seeing how his fanbase was all up in Mo's mentions, the sentiment is still there.

It's safe to say, despite being of another generation, Prince knows how to throw shade with the best of them.

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