Riding a huge wave of hype based on a few excellent singles, Post Malone has really been maximizing the marketing for his album, giving us each bit of information separately. A few weeks ago he revealed the cover art for his mixtape, a flame-filled, red-tinted shot of the singer with a cigarette in his hand.

After Post Malone’s mixtape listening event last night, the singer hopped on Instagram to share an animated version of his Mixtape cover. At the end of the animation, the title “August 26: The Mixtape” appears. Naturally, Post Malone doesn’t give us any more information, captioning the post “let’s party.” The short video has new music from Post Malone in the background, an almost hymnal track that sounds like it could be the project’s opener.

People are discussing the significance of the date/title combination, and the best theory we’ve heard so far is that August 26 is the date his debut album will be releasing. At the listening event last night, he suggested his mixtape would be out in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

For more info on Post Malone’s new mixtape August 26, head over to read our coverage of the listening session in New York last night.