Capitalizing on the buzz around his excellent mixtape August 26, Post Malone has dropped a collection of merchandise inspired by his recent project. He joins Kanye West, his tour mate Justin Bieber and others in the revival of graphic artist apparel.

Post Malone kept it simple with the clothing, only releasing long sleeve and short sleeve tee shirts, sweatshirts and hats. The graphics are reminiscent of early ‘90s graphics, and expand on artwork’s flip of the hit ‘90s video game Twisted Metal. Flames extend down he arms of most of the shirts, and the ‘August 26’ logo appears on all but one of the shirts and hats.

Everything is pretty reasonably priced, with shirts and hats going for $30 and the sweatshirts at $55. You can grab everything over at Post Malone’s online store. Be sure to check out his mixtape if you haven’t already.