Pornhub doesn't want to be known just as your go-to website when you're looking for some me-time. They also want to expand their content offering to include informative documentaries and other non-pornographic films, and that all begins with the official launch of Shakedown, an hour-long movie that debuted on the adult entertainment platform this week.

Leilah Weinraub, the director of Shakedown, has been working on this film for over fifteen years, beginning the process in 2002. Weinraub has collected an extensive amount of footage related to the lesbian strip club scene in Los Angeles during the early 2000s, which guides the premise of the documentary.

Image via Leilah Weinraub/Pornhub

According to Variety, Shakedown looks at the men and women who visited lesbian strip clubs in the early aughts, offering a "humorous, sensual and informative" look at the subculture. It will be streaming for free on Pornhub for the entire month of March, earning its very own stylized page on the platform.

This is a big move for Pornhub, who hosted a reported 42 billion separate visits on the site last year. Expanding into the documentary realm will only help to further their goal of informing the general public about sexual health and sex work, beginning with Shakedown.