Popeyes became an internet sensation after debuting their now-signature chicken sandwich that sent the world into a spiral, and they’re back in the fold, stepping up their game with a Cajun fish sandwich, in an effort to recreate that viral magic.

The fish sandwich includes a crispy flounder cooked to perfection on a toasted brioche bun with crunchy pickles and will be available for purchase nationwide for a limited amount of time. The sandwich is priced at $4.99, a dollar more than their signature chicken sandwich. 

Popeyes has been extremely successful since the chicken sandwich’s release in the summer of 2019. The chicken sandwich sold out in two weeks and started the ultimate chicken sandwich war. Now, the world is questioning whether the Popeye’s Cajun fish sandwich is setting the tone for another soon-to-be sandwich war. 

Establishments including McDonald’s and Arby’s have fish sandwiches, but it’s too early to tell which one is the best. Popeyes' Twitter announcement regarding the Cajun fish sandwich has received a lot of feedback already. 

“Hmmm looks too delicious to be true. Will try it one day,” one user commented. However, some were confused about the sudden jump from a chicken sandwich to a fish sandwich. “You guys are floundering here... stick to chicken only,” another user commented. 

Popeyes claimed that they “aren’t too chicken to flounder.” Will you try their new Cajun fish sandwich?