Some people are weary to let their guests have free rein in their bathroom. Not Plies. "Anybody takin' a number two, just holler at me," the "Ritz Carlton" rapper recently told his Instagram followers. "I got some motherfuckin' toilet paper for you."

"I got somethin' nice for you to wipe off with after you do that number two-two," he said, going on to reveal a roll of toilet paper with the face of the current U.S. president printed on each piece of tissue. 

Back in November, Plies didn't seem too bothered by the election result, as he told his fans, "God my president." Upon peering into his bathroom, though, we now know how he really feels about Donald Trump. 

A master of the art of sanitary wiping, Plies' follow-up Instagram post is a "tutorial on how to wipe bae off after sex." Learn a little something.