Review by @SermonsDomain

Leaving Pretty Ricky was a risky move for Pleasure P. After releasing his solo debut, getting a Grammy nominee and providing good music on his own, he began work on a bunch of new material for his sophomore album. In the mean time, 4 Ur Pleasure Vol. 1 is his first solo mixtape and he rides with DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar.

When you hear freestyles nowadays, it’s usually over the usual big buzzing song instrumentals. However, Pleasure gives us something different singing/spitting over classic beats. Creativity, he flips Will Smith’s summer anthem into “First Time”; singing about the first time having sexual encounters with a woman. There is nothing smoother than having a good instrumental mixed in with some good singing.


The freestyles don’t only enhance the project but they have the feel of a classic record. Over Biggie’s “Fucking You”, collaboration with R. Kelly, Pleasure keeps the x-rated vibe while adding his take on Hi-Five’s most known chorus for “I Like The Way”. Not a big or noticeable difference but it just one of those things you can appreciate.


Sex, girls and singing isn’t the only thing you can get out of the project. His club side jumps out on the energetic, unnecessarily ad-libbed by Lil Jon, “One More Drink” record. Jon’s presence is only good at the beginning but once we get into the verses, nobody wants to hear his signature ad-libs.


Similar to when R. Kelly went off on “I’m A Beast”, Pleasure unleashes that hood side in him. Putting on “For The Hood” feat Yo Gotti, he subliminally attacks an R&B artist about security, labels and overall fake persona's while bragging about his Grammy nomination. He does have a valid point that could apply to a lot of R&B artists: “I put my own record in these streets while you waiting on these labels/your budget ain’t open, mines sitting on the table”.


Marcus Cooper doesn’t fully make a perfect mixtape. For some odd reason, he remixes/takes Static Major’s “I Got My” and does the same verses and hook that Static had. It isn’t clear if it’s paying tribute or what but it wasn’t a smart move. His remix over Cube’s “Good Day” isn’t too special or mind blowing. It fits in with the other remixes as filler.


Mr. Cooper does have some flaws despite mostly having a dope tape. It doesn’t make sense to take Static Major’s “I Got My” and remix it with the same exact verses and everything. The two were friends but it doesn’t sound like a paying tribute move. The other flaw lies in “Good Day”, his rendition of the Ice Cube joint, which serves as filler due to sub-par content.


Pleasure spent his time on crafting some good mixtape material to tie us over until his sophomore album hits shelves next year. If the Justo's were still around, P would be a contender for R&B mixtape of the year. Expect material that you’ll want to listen to for the next few months when you download For Your Pleasure Vol. 1. Hey, it might even create the right atmosphere after that good date...